KIDS Etc. Preschool Activities

Our afternoon program is designed to be instructional. All of the children will rotate into

Sports Club

Skills in basketball, tennis, soccer, T-ball, four square,track & field are taught. We have a large tennis court space with a soccer field and basketball stands. We also offer a mini-kicker program in spring at an additional cost.

Art Club

We teach scissor skills, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. We're creating future Picasso's.

Drama/Manipulative Club

Pantomime and puppets, plays and skits, roll playing from literature, movies and group games are taught. Manipulatives, sorting and counting games are also learned. We also include dramatic play in our play house where we can pretend to be anything we want with our dress-up clothes.

Play House

Mini-Kickers Program

Every spring we offer our Mini-Kickers program done by an amazing group of professionals from England. There is an additional cost for this program.

Yoga Class

Additional Activities

In addition to these daily afternoon activities, we have an annual Holiday party which includes all of the students and as we mentioned above, an annual dance recital in May. At our center, we bring the field trips to us. We have magicians, carnival days, pony rides, special quests, water and snow days, bike days and different types of performers to put on plays and puppet shows. We also have Halloween, Valentine, Thanksgiving and 4th of July parties. We have "theme weeks" with new and exciting activities planned daily.

Yes we have fun!

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